Wher'd you get that?

Well, to be honest it is not that often that I come across items that I say are blog worthy, for me anyways. Well I found a few from the Cloud 9 Gacha event.

                                         First up is a very cute necklace From .:Evilkyoot:.

I fell for this necklace not only because is a stunning piece but because this piece is feminine, and perfect to wear with anything. Comes in five stunning designs, very colorful and just down right amazing for the price. What makes it better, they are transfer so you can transfer these to all your friends, who wouldn't love these? Clouds and rainbows with a hint of sexuality! come get your hands on these today as they will only be here until the 29th..and after that, they might just be gone! 

Narianna dover is the owner of .:Evilkyoot:. and deserves a round of applause for this necklace.

Get it here starting the 8th of September:


Second Item I am blogging about is a butterfly Tip Jar also in the Gacha cloud 9 event!

 Delarosa Glimmer Owner of [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] has this very beautiful tip jar for the girl in love with butterflies, I adore this because it fits me, I love the colors and the fact that it is a tip jar!

as she states...

"Quality items for reasonable prices. Because good stuff mustn't always cost lots of money!"

She hit it right on the nose, these lovely tip jars are perfect for anyone who wants style and elegance to their store, DJ event, or even just to classy up the land they live on.

And if your looking for a wonderful gift for the butterfly lover in your life, Dela, was awesome enough to make these trans, yes that's right ladies you can transfer these and make yourself stand out in the gift giving! Perfect right....come down and get one today, they go on sale the 8th..that's in three days!!



  1. Thank you for blogging my necklaces! They look great on you!


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