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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Newness on the awesome scale!!

Slink, Belleza,Maitrya,lola tangos,and phat/cute azz are all now included when you purchase one of unforgettable Temptations Designs.

Here are the two items for secret Wednesday: One is Brand new, Just released!


 Also here is a peek into the new outfits out now, that include a list of appliers for those of you who wear mesh bodies..


Monday, January 19, 2015


Unforgettable Temptations has so many new items tonight, so I figure I will show a few and then you can come check out the rest at the new star wars themed store...


Both of these Mesh items are 1 L, included are the Awesome Slink shoes to match!! What a Steal!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Removel and flicker!

Unforgettable Temptations has been going through a huge remodel, and we have a flicker now! Check out the fun from one of the awesome events!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Stuff at Unforgettable Temptations

Six awesome new designs are @ Unforgettable Temptations. See them below and then come grab a copy at the store today!

New Vip Area

The Time has come for me to announce, the vip area, yes thats right ladies and gents, We have a wonderful vip area filled just for you. What does that mean, you ask? Well it means this, over 30 group enabled boards and lucky chairs, just for you! All you have to do is wear your Unforgettable Temptations store tag, and enter the door to the vip area! All old items are free down there, also mannequins are way cheap and also in the vip area. So what are you waiting for, check out the vip area today!!!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New items at Unforgettable Temptations

New outfit out for the Secret Wednesday sale. this outfit is new and only 49 L. Grab it at this price,before it goes up to 250.

 Cozy Comes in a variety of colors, with the tango layer, very warm for the winter, comes with all you see!
Bitch, yeah thats right, the necklace says it all. Tango layer included in this outfit with mesh lace up pants, what more could you want...this outfit does have bitch written all over it!

Handcuffed is more a biker girls dream. Handcuff belt, and tango layer included, what more could you ask for. Beanie keeps you warm as your race down the road on that harley!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Design Hit Shelves Today!

A new Outfit has hit Unforgettable Temptations, its all mesh for you mesh lovers out there, so come get it today. I will be making more of this outfit in different colors, but the green is set for sale already!