Sunday, July 12, 2015

News about Unforgettable Temptations!!

So, CGC (The great Canadian Grid) stores are completed, check out the store at Jilly's Nest, or be adventurous and go to the full sim!!
The Opening of Unforgettable Temptations at The Adult Grid is going smoothly, considering I have to make whole new stock of items for it. But eh...what keeps me making me happy!
Second life Store is still open, haven't moved and will not be! Items here are not sold on any other grid.

My Inworldz store is open, but the progress in getting new items made there, will be slow, as I will be going in for surgery on Thursday.

Also the third rock stores are open, in two of the freebie malls there, so check them out, all the items there differ from all grids.

And last but not least, Virtual Life Grid, will soon have my store there as well, as Jilly will be buying a region, and she has kindly asked me to join her, AWESOME, right? Thinking things are getting crazy busy for me!

Also, all items on each grid are different, I do this because, I do not want to keep the same stock of merchandise on each grid that I happen to join, if you should so want one item from another grid, please let me know which and I will try my best to get it to you on the new grid, Thank you, and thank you all for Supporting Unforgettable Temptation's new journey!

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